At Optimal Dental, we offer a wide variety of services – dentists for you and your family. From routine check-ups to oral surgery, our patients find it helpful and convenient to have their dental services completed within ONE dental practice.

Family Services

Maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine, including regular dental exams, is key to your family’s oral health. By scheduling oral health check-ups every six months, Optimal Dental can help prevent and treat many common oral health problems including gingivitis, sensitive teeth, and cavities. Our dentists and staff can also monitor your mouth for any foreign conditions including periodontal abscesses, gingival recession and oral cancer. However, proper oral healthcare for you and your family begins at home with proper flossing and brushing.

Cosmetic Services

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to transform an average smile into a terrific smile! To accomplish this goal, we analyze every aspect of a smile and then correct the problem.

What Makes A Beautiful Smile?
Terrific smiles have several things in common:

  • The teeth are straight, not crooked
  • The teeth are evenly spaced with no gaps
  • The teeth are white, not stained
  • The top teeth show when you smile, but not the gums
  • The gumline is smooth, not uneven
  • The edges of the top teeth smoothly follow the curve of the lower lip

All of these problems can be solved with cosmetic procedures, so even if you weren’t born with a beautiful smile, you can still have one.

Pediatric Services

It’s never too early to begin a proper oral health care regimen. As soon as a child’s first tooth appears it needs to be cleaned regularly. It is also important to remember that although they will eventually fall out, proper care of primary teeth is the first step to lifelong oral health. Regular dental check-ups can help treat and prevent many childhood oral problems.

Orthodontic Services

Wearing braces isn’t only about making your teeth straight. It is important to make the teeth straight along with establishing a healthy, proper position of the jaw and its TM joint as well as maintaining a healthy, open airway. Early identification and treatment is crucial in a person’s overall long term health. It has been documented that 90% of a child’s cranio-facial growth is established by age 12. Many children (70%) will have some sort of malocclusion and these problems begin and can be recognized early in their lives.

All our assessments begin with identifying functional problems first, followed by skeletal problems, and finally dental problems. Functional problems are a key indicator of what may have created the child’s malocclusion. Functional problems include constricted airway (tonsils and adenoids), finger sucking, and habit behavior. It is important these issues be solved first to help treatment be successful otherwise you are faced with potential relapse, worsening of the condition, or maintaining an unhealthy environment. Skeletal problems include but are not limited to how the upper and lower jaw relate to each other, if either jaw is constricted or too small, are there deficiencies or overgrowth in the upper or lower jaw, and in what direction is the growth occurring. Dental problems would include are there impaction of teeth, size discrepancies of teeth, alignment problems, or crowding.

As dentists, we believe it is important to address these concerns early and not wait until cranial growth is almost complete allowing conditions to worsen possibly requiring permanent tooth extraction or possible jaw surgery to make the teeth and bone straight. At Optimal Dental we utilize a two phase approach to Orthodontics when necessary. Phase one is a functional orthopedic treatment. Functional Orthopedics utilizes fixed or removable appliances to allow easy and comfortable growth modification to help the child achieve proper jaw dimension and position. This helps provide room for the eruption of permanent teeth, positions the lower jaw in its proper dimension, and helps establish a healthy airway during the growth phase of a child. Phase two treatment is utilizing braces when necessary to correct any further tooth alignment issues after all the permanent teeth have erupted. When we have used phase one functional orthopedic treatment first it is possible that phase two treatment (braces) may not be necessary and if they are treatment time is typically less than if we didn’t begin treatment until age 12 or later.

We are committed to providing the best treatment for you and your children. We are proud that this includes Orthodontic care at Optimal Dental.

INV Provider CMYK Small

Implant / Surgical Care

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TMJ Treatment

Are you experiencing pain in or around the ear, tenderness of the jaw, clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth, headaches or neck aches?

If so, you may be experiencing a problem with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complex joints in the body. Like all human joints, the TMJ has surfaces which rub together when you chew, swallow or speak. Smooth, well-lubricated surfaces within the joint produce little friction and little vibration. But if the joint surface changes because of degeneration, disk displacement or injury, jaw movement will produce friction and vibration. Different TM disorders produce different vibration patterns. With Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA), we can identify these vibration patterns to distinguish among the various TM disorders. This allows for proper treatment.

In Lincoln, Optimal Dental is proud to offer Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) for patients with jaw pain and associated symptoms. JVA provides a fast, non-invasive, and reliable measurement of TMJ function to aid in the diagnosis of TMJ problems.

If you’re experiencing TMJ pain or related symptoms, please call us for an appointment.

Hygiene / Periodontal

We are proud to have four skilled, knowledgeable, and caring Hygienists on our team. We take the time to provide you with the proper periodontal therapy and care. Whether you require a routine cleaning, full periodontal therapy, or a periodontal maintenance we will tailor your appointment to fit you the patient. We don’t cookie cutter appointment times to fit what is best for us, but we set the time necessary to do a thorough job for each individual. Each patient is different and so are your needs.

We utilize traditional hand instruments, peizo ultrasonic scalers, and chemical therapy when necessary to help keep your teeth, gums, and bone healthy. You can rely on Janet, Laura, Heather, and Taneil to keep your appointment personal for you and relaxed through their calm and caring manners. Having four Hygienists allows patients to pick which style and personality fits them best. If that’s not enough, we have Nitrous Oxide gas available for procedures as well as Dyclone anesthetic which is a rinseable anesthetic to numb your gums before the cleaning.

You can rely on our Hygiene staff to help you maintain a healthy smile. Come meet Janet, Laura, Heather, and Taneil to provide your Hygiene care in a comfortable and caring manner.

Root Canal Therapy

Details Coming Soon!

Aftercare Services

Please follow all aftercare instructions given to you by your dentist. If you have questions about your dental care after a procedure, you can contact us via email or call our office. We’re here to help.

For after-hour emergencies, call our office at 402-489-1262. Please leave your name and the phone number at which you can be reached – a doctor will be paged and will call you promptly.

Crown and Bridge

CEREC one-visit crowns